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Synthetic grass Melbourne is without a doubt Melbourne’s most trusted artificial lawn supplier – and all over Australia We are the industry leaders in artificial grass, supplying, installing, and guaranteeing the best artificial landscaping grass in Australia. We can regulate and maintain the highest standards while making our high-quality grass products from start to end thanks to vertical integration of components required to manufacture outstanding synthetic lawns. Plus, with our online ordering system, purchasing artificial turf in Australia has never been easier.

Why is Artificial turf is preferred ?

Artificial grass is preferred over actual grass for several reasons. It does not require maintenance and can endure extensive use in sports fields, high-traffic areas at home, or commercial spaces. It also does not require watering, fertilising, or mowing. Because of the difficulty of receiving enough sunlight for the grass to keep fresh, healthy, and appearing plushy all year, domed, closed, and partially enclosed stadiums and commercial venues rely heavily on artificial turf.

Reasons to consider synthetic grass for your landscaping instead of real grass.

  • Feels great and looks naturally green all year round
  • Safe for children & pets
  • Environmental friendly
  • Cleaning is a breeze (just hose down)
  • Huge varieties to choose from
  • Home owners and business owners both love it, and it’s easy to see why.
  • It drains more rapidly and effectively.
  • Artificial grass suits for our harsh climate (no constant watering needed)
  • There is almost no maintenance.
  • It is a wise investment since it increases the value of any property.
  • It lasts longer (no bare patches of dirt even with constant use)

Why should you buy from us?

  1. We create and manufacture the most up-to-date synthetic grass and plant items at the most competitive prices.
  2. Our products are 100% tested and quality controlled.
  3. We guarantee complete client satisfaction with our products and services.
  4. We are an Australian-owned and operated business that can answer any of your questions. Simply call us to know all that you need to know.

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